Arête Consulting believes the process of design benefits from the same proponents of Agile. As we work through application interface design we bring forth dynamic prototypes to elicit feedback. We iterate in design sprints ahead of the development staff to assure a business approved design has been achieved prior to the next development cycle.

We can also provide development free prototyping for customers looking to roadshow a concept to existing clients prior to committing to enhancements and new features. Similarly, our prototypes are a powerful tool in working with venture capital groups to help them understand your vision.




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Arête Consulting guides customers and clients looking to extend their reach to greater heights. Knowing your business and how it operates today may not help an organization to envision growth and change. Having an additional resource who has helped other companies to grow and diversify can be a powerful agent. We specialize in turning requirements into functional prototypes of your vision rather than providing a document describing it to others.


Our goal is to get your company past the hurdles of execution and feasibility to lead you on a route that takes you farther along your path. We do this quickly by immediately working a prototype design for your required workflows. Starting to see your vision in action is often the best way to work out your direction on an effort.  And sometimes the direction involves deciding to not proceed. Our prototypes help get our clients to that point as quickly as possible. All while not incurring any development spend or commitment.


Just like embarking on an adventure, the first steps are loaded with uncertainty. The quicker you can start to see your vision unfold and watch our process help it be flexible enough to change along the way delivers a powerful feedback loop.


If you would also like our help in executing the plan with your staff,  our experience in SCRUM and Agile Methodology can help the project move forward on a modern IT delivery model that allows all levels of management visibility into the effort thru demos of the functioning code every 2 weeks. We are happy to provide training, coaching as well as staffing if you are looking to make the move to using Sprints for delivery on your teams.


To work side by side with your resources in moving forward at the lowest risk possible, while maximizing discovery along the way is where Arête Consulting positions itself. We don’t seek to solve technology problems, we want to help you define the best business solution. 



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